Institute for Responsible Housing Preservation
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About Us

The Institute for Responsible Housing Preservation is pleased to acknowledge our Officers, who contribute at the highest membership level and who serve on the governing board of the Institute.

Our Officers are comprised of the most knowledgeable and sophisticated practitioners in the housing preservation field, all of whom bring their talent and experience to IRHP. We invite you to get to know us, and to join in our efforts to preserve the nation's affordable housing supply.

Institute for Responsible Housing Preservation Activities:

  • Seeking adequate appropriations for "enhanced" or "sticky" vouchers to assure that the owner can accomplish mortgage prepayment. 
  • Opposing collateral restraints on the right to prepay mortgages, such as proposed one-year owner notice to the tenants of an intent to prepay; the Institute was successful in achieving reduction of this period to 5 months. 
  • Working to insure that the prepayment right remains inviolate and that the preemption provisions of LIHPRHA stay in place. 
  • Focusing on obtaining HUD funding for needed project rehabilitation. 
  • Monitoring HUD enforcement efforts to assure fairness to owners. 
  • Addressing new preservation financing techniques: combining low-income housing tax credits, tax-exempt bonds, and recycling the Section 236 interest reduction payment subsidy
  • Participating in efforts to achieve "exit tax" relief. 
  • Establishing procedures to refinance Section 241(f) loans. 
  • Obtaining rent increases for ELIHPA owners pursuant to the terms of the use agreement.
  • Eliminating annual limited distributions to owners of LIHPRHA properties.
  • Pushing for adequate project-based Section 8 funding.